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Welcome Home Tuesday | A Family Reunited!

Welcome Home Tuesday 

This weeks Welcome Home Tuesday video is a tribute to all the military families. The sacrifices made are massive, and the reward of being back in the arms of loved ones is equally huge. This touching video brings you right into the heart of this families love and joy of being reunited after a long time apart.

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4 DIY Apps That Will Make You a Handyman


Planning Projects With Simple to Use DIY Apps

Ignite your inner handyman! DYI projects have been growing in popularity over the last decade due in part to the economic climate. People are taking on home improvement projects themselves instead of hiring professionals. Planning projects around the house is less intimidating or complicated when you have the right DIY apps. Check these 4 DIY apps that will make you a handyman or handywoman!

logo-carpenter_01iHandy – $1.99 available on either Apple or Android. Put a way the bulky tape measure and leveler. This app can measure, level or find degree angles, there are five built in tools in all. Rating ?????


snapguide_iconSnapguide – This is a free app and available for Apple. This incredible app allows you to generate, share and explore DYI projects from a variety of topics. You can find projects, tips, tricks and advice on not only home and gardening, but also lifestyle, beauty, fashion, sport & fitness, arts & crafts and so much more. Rating ?????


Magicplan_iconMagicPlan – A free app available on both Apple and Android. Take pictures of different rooms and this app will measure your rooms and draw your floor plans. In addition, you can add objects, annotations, and attributes to create an interior diagram of your home. Rating ?????


penultimate_icon_01Penultimate – From the makers of Evernote, this is a free app available on Apple but there are some Android apps that are similar, try the free app JustDraw. Penultimate is a touch screen-drawing app that allows you to sketch or take notes. Add a picture of a room and then add notes about the changes you want to make or the measurements of certain architectural elements. Take a picture of a room design you like from a magazine and add notes about what inspires you about the shot and then save it. Rating ?????


These 4 DIY apps can help you feel confident to tackle those home projects you’ve been wanting to do. Send us a comment and let us see what handyman projects you complete. We would love to here from you!

Misconceptions about Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Courtesy of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Courtesy of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

There are a lot of things that aren’t covered on a standard homeowners insurance policy, and it can be easy to overlook these coverage gaps or assume they’re included in your policy. Before shopping around for homeowners insurance, or even right before you’re about to sign the policy agreement, make sure you know exactly what’s included in your policy and what separate coverage you may need in your particular area of residence. These are some of the most commons gaps in coverage with a homeowner insurance policy:

Natural Disasters

Most natural disaster—floods, earthquakes and hurricanes to name a few—are not included in your standard homeowners insurance policy. If you live in an area prone to any of these “Acts of God, ” you can look into adding a separate policy to cover potential damages.


Damages accrued from acts of war, whether from a nuclear, biological or civil war, are generally not covered. Terrorist attacks are included in some states, but they are not necessarily guaranteed to be included in your policy. But, if you were interested, there is such a thing as War Risk Insurance, but it’s more commonly used for companies and industries with equipment that could be damaged by acts of war.


If you have any expensive jewelry or rare collectible items that were damaged or stolen, don’t assume you’ll get the total value of the items reimbursed. Most policies have a price cap on items such as these, sometimes only covering $1,000-1,500. Even if a certain amount of cash is damaged or stolen, there is no guarantee the full amount will be covered.


Termites are incredibly destructive. They eat wood and damage the structural integrity of your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage. And a majority of the time this damage is not covered by a homeowners insurance policy at all, as it’s considered neglect on behalf of the owner for not conducting proper maintenance and inspections of the property to prevent the damage. The same goes for mold.

Welcome Home Tuesday | Bridal Shock

Welcome Home Tuesday

Most every girl dreams of being a June bride. Statistically it is the most popular month for weddings in the United States. For this weeks Welcome Home Tuesday video, we are celebrating all June weddings by posting this touching video of a soldier who is given the last minute chance to be at his sister’s wedding. Watch to see the brides shocked reaction.

We help get rid of closing costs. We serve Veterans and Military Families who are interested in buying a home. Contact us for more info!