4 Amazing Ideas for Decorating a Small Outdoor Space

Decorating a Small Outdoor Space


Summer temperatures, brilliant blue skies and afternoon sunsets are tempting you to get outdoors. Makeover your cramped space into a cozy place to have breakfast, read a good book or relax with an evening cocktail. A miniature urban space, a tiny condo patio, or a small balcony all have a great potential for being a space that you will love. Here are 4 amazing ideas that will inspire you to decorate your small outdoor space.


Defining your space for a particular purpose is the first step. Will you be using the area for small intimate meals, possibly an herbal garden, our a place to lounge and read a great novel? Aspire to one, or at the most two, uses for the space in order to maximize decorating potential. When selecting furniture and accessories for your small outdoor space, why not use a pop of color to add interest. Even the smallest of tables will accommodate a cup of tea or even a small plate of appetizers, a bottle of wine and glasses too. 


So you like to entertain, well than you will need a few more seats. A small bench at one end of the balcony can become an intimate love seat. If you are handy with a sewing machine (or know someone that is), making a pair of seat and back cushions will add a punch of color and make everyone comfortable at the same time. 


Get vertical! Do you love to cook with fresh herbs? Be creative with how you and where you grow your favorite herbs. Maybe you just enjoy color and fragrant flowers to brighten up your day. Terra-cotta pots are relatively inexpensive and you can add even more color with a bit of acrylic paint. This is a fun way to give your children a green thumb too. Let them help you paint, label, and plant containers to place in your small outdoor space.


Nothing better than lounging in the fresh air and curling up to a good read. If you are one of these sorts, than you may want to turn your small outdoor space into a tranquil place where you can escape the stress of the day. This cozy outdoor couch is an easy DIY project using recycled pallets, caster wheels and outdoor fabric. 

These 4 amazing ideas for decorating a small outdoor space will hopefully help you visualize what to do with your place. You may have a small outdoor space, but with a little inspiration mixed with perspiration you can turn that space into a place for entertaining or just relaxing. If you have a great small outdoor space or turn yours into one, share your photos with us, we would love to see your ideas!