California Veteran Homebuyer Assistance Program

If you are a veteran or active duty military member in California, you have found the perfect military homebuyer assistance program for your home buying needs! At MHAF we are able to offer special gift funds to help you cover your down payment costs.

Unfortunately, our men and women in uniform are being left behind. Recent studies have found that only 27.3% of military families own their own home. In this same study, when asked why, nearly half of the respondents stated that it was because they could not afford to do so.

American servicemen and women, throughout our all-volunteer military, deserve more than our government can afford to pay them. They deserve a piece of the American dream they are defending. With your help, we can enable them to do this through free gift funds to assist them with the purchase of their dream home.

As a nation, we expect much from our military personnel. Should we not consider giving back to them when they are willingly putting their lives on the line for us? Many of these service men and women have started families and would love nothing more than to have a place to call home.

MHAF is designed to help cover the closing costs for California military members and veterans when they purchase a home. If you are interested to learn more, head here and complete our contact form.