Military Home Buying: Owning A Home & Why It’s The American Dream

Depending on where you live, it is hard to drive through a neighborhood without seeing “For Sale” signs these days. Yet while it may not be a seller’s market, it is definitely a buyer’s market. Military home buying is an investment, yet with the market down and interests rates at the lowest they have ever been, we think it is a smart investment. For anyone who can afford it.

Military Home Buying

Image by lynnsta on flickr

The American Dream & Military Home Buying

Ever since this country was started, Americans dreamed of the comfortable family home with the white picket fence surrounding it. Life is not so much Leave It To Beaver anymore, but owning a home is still a goal for most. Why?

Because it gives you permanence that renting can’t. Once you own a house, you can paint every wall lime-green if you want to – or add anything to the yard that you want without having to refer to your lease and landlord for permission. Even if you know you will be relocated in 5 years time, buying a house and then selling it or renting it out when you leave, makes the area a home that your family can connect back to.

In addition, for practicality purposes, if you have a lot of kids or multiple pets, it’s almost impossible to find housing unless you buy it. If you have a family, you may also want to start thinking about your forever house. Where do you want to grow old with your spouse? Is it a place where you have already been located once? Is it a place where you want to be located? Either way, buying is cheaper than renting in the long run, so knowing you want to invest in a place is an important first step in saving up for it.

Fortunately for Military families and Veterans, military home buying is one of the easier processes–as expressed our recent post about the benefits of a VA Home Loan. But, the housing market has reached its bottom and is climbing back up. Make the investment, or at least take an effort to educate yourself, contact us.