Military Home Buying & Why We Are Thankful to be in America

America is a nation looked up to the world. Though we have own issues that we are working to resolve, we are still (and will be for a long time) the cultural inspiration for the world. That may be a bold statement, but during the holiday season we, here at Military Home Buying, are reminded why we live in this country and appreciate the sacrifices that our American heroes have made to keep our home great.

So, why are we thankful to live in America? For a number of reasons! Firstly, we are thankful for the history of dignified men and women who left their lives back at home to serve our country and keep it safe. These American heroes, as we mentioned earlier, are the backbone of our country. During the holiday season, one cannot help but remember that.

In addition, to that most important note, we also give thanks to our schools, commerce, and religious freedom. A defining feature of our country is also our sweeping and varying landscapes that stretch from sea to sea. We could not have had the innovation during the Internet boom that without had without the effort of our veterans.


image via Joe Campbell on flickr

The American dream, complete with the house and white picket fence, is still a cornerstone in our culture too and that tradition is another reason we are thankful to be in America. It may be harder to achieve these days, but we think our veterans deserve that dream more than any other. That’s why we work hard to help you in the military home buying process. We don’t want that to come off as a shameless plug; we truly are thankful for the American dream that has kept our country strong and we want to do whatever we can to help you be a part of that dream.