The Ortega Family

Here’s another wonderful testimonial from the Ortega family on their experience with USMHAF and our affiliates!


I’m an Army Infantry Veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once I got out of the army, I started school so I could pursue my dream of becoming a physical therapist. Along the way, I met my wife, and we got married 4 months ago. We used to talk about owning a home of our own someday, but the goal seemed out of sight as I still have 3 years of school left. Whenever we would look at houses, we quickly became overwhelmed by how much we’d have to spend on closing costs alone.

Closing Costs Explained

Closing Costs Explained

closing costs explained

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Closing costs explained – like buying a home is no easy task. Before you begin the process of buying a home it is important to understand closing costs so that you are not caught by surprise by the additional fee.