“I ended not paying a single dime for closing costs”

Our program helps military service members and veterans get free gift funds to cover their closing costs when purchasing a home. Here is a testimonial from another happy MHAF family:

“I’m glad I stumbled across USMHAF. was dead set on getting my loan through USAA until I researched MHAF. I started the process with an MHAF team member explaining to me what the program was about. It was very difficult to find a home in our area, especially as a first time home buyer.

Our loan officer, is a military veteran and truly understood what servicemen had to go through and explained everything to me very well. He went above and beyond, probably spent more time than he should making sure I understood and to take advantage of my VA benefits.

My realtor, Claudia was wonderful and very patient. She was honest, and really helped us communicate to the seller.

I ended not paying a single dime for closing costs, without increasing my interest rate. I actually received reimbursements. Pretty amazing!

I recommend MHAF to veterans who qualify. Give this program a try!”


“We happily recommend others to trust in the program”

We were happy to help this family who met in basic training to get into a new home! Here is a testimonial from another happy MHAF family:

“We met in 2012, in Basic Training. Ended up being stationed together in Vilseck, Germany, deploying together to Kandahar, Afghanistan, back to Germany, and then going out separate ways to Fort Belvoir, VA and West Point, NY. Never could we have imagined being where we are today. Getting out of the Army and moving once again was stressful. We’ve packed up and moved so many times!!! When we first moved back to my home in Chicago we knew we wanted to settle down and have a house of our own to lay our roots and call home. We thought we’d be ready in a year to do it, but thanks to MHA we accomplished it within 3 months. They made the process easier for our family by connecting us with agents that were there to help and support us. There were so many nights in which we could not understand certain documents but luckily our questions were heard and responded immediately by one of the many people helping us. This program was well recommended to us by friends who used it before us, and now we happily recommend others to trust in the program, the guidance and tell you that it is all well worth it.”

-The Smith Family


“It was a pleasure working with MHAF”

Our mission is to help active military service members and veterans to get into their dream homes! That’s why we love to hear from satisfied folks who loved working with MHAF.

Here is a testimonial from another happy MHAF family:

“It was a pleasure working with MHAF and all the agents involved. From the beginning, they provided very detailed instructions and a list of all necessary items needed to complete the purchase. Our real estate agent was very diligent in finding homes that met our needs and we were under contract in less than a week working with her. The lending agent and his team got us the best rate possible and everything was done in time for closing. The escrow company worked with us to get everything signed in time for closing, considering the fact that we were living and work am hour away from them. Any time I had a question it was answered promptly and accurately. The entire team treated us like we were their only client, always. Every single response, email, and phone call were personalized and not just a blanket statement they would use with all clients. I would recommend this program above any other programs for active duty military.”

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“Thanks to the Whole MHAF Family for All You Do for Vets”

Our entire team is passionate about helping veterans get into their next home. That’s why we bring an entire team to act as your realtor, lender and more during your home buying process, and in the end our team works together to help you save money on closing costs.

Here is a testimonial from another happy MHAF family:

“It is with great joy that I can sit down and right this Thank You letter to you in my new home. When we first started our home buying adventure we had no idea what to expect but the cooperation between you, the Realtor, and the Lender was seamless. In a matter of a few days we had an approval from the lender. A short time later our very accommodating Realtor, Kamesha, was contacting us to view homes within our budget and in the part of town we most wanted. It must be difficult to juggle the needs and wants of such a large, extended family as ours, but she was awesome the whole time. The lender was always in touch to make sure we knew what was going on. I want to thank the whole MHAF family for all you do for vets. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

– The Olaires Family


MHAF Housing Assistance For Veterans

Our mission at Military Housing Assistance Fund is to help military service members and veterans get into their next home. It’s always heartwarming to hear from a satisfied veteran as they make their big move!

This testimonial from Brendan below is the perfect example of how we like to work with you to help eliminate closing costs.

“The team at the Military Housing Assistance Fund are the real deal. At first, it seemed too good to be true, but after talking with them we realized that they could help make our first home buying experience a reality. They set us up with our fantastic realtor, Maria, who met and exceeded our expectations in every way. She helped negotiate the purchase of the house on our terms, at a price that made our dream a possibility. Although there were some communications issues with the lender that we were obliged to use, everything eventually worked out in the end, with the lender offering a competitive rate and terms. Lastly, the financial assistance we received directly from the Military Housing Assistance fund was a great help in eliminating the remaining closing costs and other home-buying expenses. I would highly recommend the Military Housing Assistance Fund to any service member who needs help in navigating the long and complicated home buying process.”

– Brendan