Happy Veteran Family

We are very happy to receive testimonials like these that showcase the families who have used our program in conjunction with VA home loan benefits to get an even more benefits during their home purchase.

We knew our lease was ending soon so we started doing some research for closing cost assistance programs. Through our research we found the Military Housing Assistance Fund. We were so excited to find a program that would help us in addition to the VA home loan benefits. We reached out to the organization and were quickly put in contact with the finance company and real estate agent that we’d be working with throughout the process. Our realtor, Deonn, did a great job of helping us find our perfect home and explaining the home buying process to us. Our home loan officer, Michael, did a great job explaining all of the costs associated with the home loan as well. We have learned a lot during this process and thanks to MHAF, we have a beautiful home that we can call our own! We highly recommend this program to any veteran looking for some assistance with closing costs, the resources alone are extremely helpful.

Andre & Amanda Morton

MHAF is proud to help military families like this with our closing cost gift fund program. It’s the least we can do to give back to the people who have given so much for their country!


Another Wonderful Testimonial!


“Finding out about the Military Housing Assistance Fund program was one of the best things provided for veterans that I’ve heard about in a long time. I recently got a new job in a different state and had to relocate myself and family, and wanted to buy a home instead of renting. The program made everything simple and we had wonderful people assisting us every step of the way. The people working for the lending company were very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had about the process. The real estate agent went over and above what I ever expected from an agent, all the way down to bringing us a gift basket with treats and gift card for Lowe’s! Without assistance from everyone involved with the MHAF program I don’t think things would have gone nearly as smoothly. We were able to move out of our old house right into our new home and have not had any regrets about our decision. Thanks MHAF!”

welcome home

Welcome Home Tuesday: Soldier Surprises His Kids Who Think They Are Recording a Message For Him

When a group of girls are assembled to shoot a “Welcome Home” video for one of their fathers who was serving abroad, he surprises them by showing up. Watch as the soldier surprises his kids who think they are recording a message for him:

Tune in every Tuesday for more heartfelt, loving family reunions in a segment that we like to call – Welcome Home Tuesdays.

Welcome Home Tuesday | Veteran’s Day 2014

Welcome Home Tuesday

This weeks Welcome Home Tuesday video is a reminder of the sacrifices each man or woman makes when they enlist in the US Military. The sacrifices don’t end with just the soldiers. Their family members endure a battle of their own here at home as they wait to see their loved ones return from their tour of duty.

Today, on Veteran’s day, we remember and give thanks. Thank you to all those who fought for all of our freedoms and liberties, as well as for all those still on duty. We give thanks for their courage, bravery and strength. Happy Veteran’s day 2014!


Video by :Kevin Keim

We help get rid of closing costs. We serve Veterans and Military Families who are interested in buying a home.
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Welcome Home Tuesday | Father Son Reunion

Welcome Home Tuesday

This weeks father son reunion, Welcome Home Tuesday, video is a tear jerker for sure. Watch the touching moment when this father and son see each other eye to eye for the first time after being apart for a year.

Video by :Military Surprises

We help get rid of closing costs. We serve Veterans and Military Families who are interested in buying a home.
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