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VA Regional Loan Centers in the United State for VA Fund and Grants Info

You’ve heard of closing cost grants, va fund help, and home buying assistance for qualified Veterans, but where can you get more information? Please browse our website and contact us with questions about getting your Military Home Loan in order. If we can’t help, sometimes the best places for va fund help and home buying assistance is offline. Below we’ve listed the nine VA Regional Loan Centers in the United States, in alphabetical order for your convenience.

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Denver, CO
  • Houston, TX
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Roanoke, VA
  • St. Paul, MN
  • St. Petersburg, FL
  • Honolulu, HI –Regional Office

Mission Statement of Veterans Affairs

To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans.

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VA Fund

Before You Look Into VA Fund and Grants, Know The Basics

“The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a government-run military veteran benefit system with Cabinet-level status. It is the United States government’s second largest department, after the United States Department of Defense. With a total 2009 budget of about $87.6 billion, VA employs nearly 280,000 people at hundreds of Veterans Affairs medical facilities, clinics, and benefits offices and is responsible for administering programs of veterans’ benefits for veterans, their families, and survivors.” For more info visit

Your Questions About Va Home Loan Lenders

James asks…

Past bankruptcy can I still use VA home loan?

how do lenders treat people with past bankruptcy trying to use the VA home loan program? Are lenders more willing to lend money if they know 80% of loan is back buy the goverment?

Admin answers:

Under a VA loan 100% is backed by the VA. The vet does not have to bring anything to the table except a few closing cost. In some instances if the Vet is smart negotiator he/she might be able to get away with paying nothing.

As far as your bankruptcy is concerned if it is past 2 years since the filing date you should be ok. The older the bankruptcy is the better off you are. Lenders follow guidelines of the investors that they sell their loans to, thus the two year from filing date requirement.

If the bankruptcy still appear on your credit report you might be asked to write a letter of explanation as to why you decided to go into bankruptcy.

The mortgage loan application ask if you have been in bankruptcy in the last 7 years and further ask for an explanation.

I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.


Sandra asks…

which is the best VA home loan lender? trying to buy a home in NJ?

Admin answers:

There really isn’t a “best” VA lender. You want to go with a broker who can shop around to find you the best rate and terms for your VA loan.
You also want a broker who will walk you through the entire process first and explain all of your options so you know what to expect. We can refer you to lenders licensed in your state. Fill out the form on the left and don’t forget to ask about the free closing cost gift funds!

Ruth asks…

What is a wellness letter requested by the lender for VA home loans?

My husband and I are about to close on our first home. My loan officer keeps coming back to me with what seems like unnecessary document requests. The latest 1 is a wellness letter from my husband’s commander (he’s active duty Army). Does anyone know what this is and what it includes? I appreciate all the help!

Admin answers:

Mary asks…

will the current economy make it harder for me to get a home using a VA loan?

i make around 75k a year. i am an army vet and only have my car payment as any kind of current debt. with the economy in the situation its in and it becoming harder to borrow from lenders, will it affect me trying to get a home loan using the VA Loan program?

Admin answers:

Nope, VA Loans are simpler than most loans. Fill out the form on the left and we’ll refer you to a licensed lender in your state. Don’t forget to ask about Gift Funds!

Robert asks…

Do you actually have to live in a property when you are using a VA loan to purchase the home?

We are trying to buy our first home using a VA loan but a lender we spoke with today says it isn’t possible since we are still on active duty orders and won’t be moving into the home within 60 days. Is this correct or is he just blowing smoke??

Admin answers:

Absolutely. That loan is subsidized by the tax payers, it is for a home for you to live in, not an investment.

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Your Questions About Va Home Loan Certificate

Carol asks…

I have a va home loan certificate for the amount of 30,000. Does the certificate serve as a down payment?

I am looking to purchase a home, and i am unclear about the certificate i recieved from the Veterans office. Is the certificate for a down payment. How do i go about using the certificate. And what is the max on a VA home loan

Admin answers:

Go to the Veterans Affairs website and enter your information it will give you the maximum loan amount. You normally do not need a down payment with a VA home loan. Are you currently working with a VA Rep on this and if so what have they told you about your situation? What does the VA certificate say exactly? Sounds like from what you have said – that VA Certificate would be your eligibility certificate. So when you are ready you bring that with you to the Bank or Mortgage Co. To get started with buying a home. A word of warning – VA can be very picky when they send in their experts to inspect the home you are bidding for. Expect that the older the home is – the longer the entire process is and it can be a big pain for both buyer and seller. Meaning if their inspectors (electrical, plumbing, etc.) see any possible needed repairs expect VA to demand those repairs be fixed before the deal goes through! Good luck!

Paul asks…

How do I find out if the VA Home Loan Certificate that I received in 1997 is still valid?

I applied and was approved for a VA Home Loan Certificate in 1997. I never used it and need to find out if it is still valid. I am still on Active Duty orders.
So basicly just request a new one then?

Admin answers:

Its usually only good for a few months but now any veteran can go get one the same day our request one by mail. Then just find a lender that will take it. If you are getting ready to apply for a mortgage, let us know, and we can refer you to VA lenders who will get your COE for free of charge. Too easy…

Donald asks…

what is the best way to use my VA home loan certificate?

My husband is a veteran of the US ARMY. He is just ended his caree with the armed forces after 10 yrs so that we can have a family. We have a question about our VA home loan certificate. Does anyone in the realestate market know the best way to use this certificate. It is for what I believe $36.000 “not to exceed 144.000” what does that mean? I dont understand how it works really. we really never accpected that we would need to use this certificate. any suggestions would greatly be apreciated.
we thank you.. Mr&Mrs. Kyle P. Walker

Admin answers:

VA guaranteed loans are made by private lenders, such as banks, savings & loans, or mortgage companies to eligible veterans for the purchase of a home which must be for their own personal occupancy. To get a loan, a veteran must apply to a lender. If the loan is approved, VA will guarantee a portion of it to the lender. This guaranty protects the lender against loss up to the amount guaranteed and allows a veteran to obtain favorable financing terms. There is no maximum VA loan but lenders will generally limit VA loans to $417,000. This is because lenders sell VA loans in the secondary market, which currently places a $417,000 limit on the loans. For loans up to this amount, it is usually possible for qualified veterans to obtain no downpayment financing. A veteran’s basic entitlement is $36,000 (or up to $104,250 for certain loans over $144,000). Lenders will generally loan up to 4 times a veteran’s available entitlement without a downpayment, provided the veteran is income and credit qualified and the property appraises for the asking price.

Nancy asks…

How can I use my VA home loan Certificate with bad credit and my wife has good credit?

We found a great deal on a great dream home. My wife has been pre-approved for a 150k home. The home we are attempting to buy has been countered at 165k We are prepared to put down 6k. That leaves a 9k gap.I am a veteran and would like to use my VA garantee on the loan if possible to either cover this gap or get 100% financing.

Admin answers:

Sometimes it makes sense to spend a little time up front getting your credit straightened out and then getting a nice easy loan. People don’t always want to hear that becasue they go shopping before they’re ready. We can refer you to profession credit repair specialists who can help you have a squeaky clean credit report in 90 days or so. Then we can refer you to one of our preferred lenders who will be able to get you the best terms available in the marketplace.

Sandra asks…

does any one know if u need perfect credit for a va certificate home loan?

Admin answers:

Perfect- No, Solid Yes. See the above answer. It pays to get your credit in order prior to getting a VA loan

Your Questions About Va Home Loan Requirements

Sandra asks…

what is the income and credit requirement for a VA home loan of $350,000. ?

I had filed for chapter 13 in 07 for medical reasons, but the case was dismissed. Where do I go from here. My credit score is only now 550. My income is $80,000.

Admin answers:

First you’ll need to get your credit scores on the mend. For credit repair, you can do it yourself by reading up on it at . If you would rather hire a professional credit repair, we can refer you to a reputable firm that can help you clear your credit up in about 90 days. In the meantime, you will also want to start re-building your credit with secured credit cards. One or two should be sufficient to get started, but make sure that the card(s) you get report to the credit bureaus as unsecured revolving credit cards.

Lizzie asks…

How Do I Qualify For A VA Home Loan?

Of course I know that you had to have served in the Armed Forces but are there any other requirements that you would need in order to qualify?

Admin answers:

A copy of DD-214 (the one where they say, “sign this and you’re a civilian!”) or whatever it is that certifies eligible active service . Honorable or General discharge are required if you’re out, not undesirable (or worse). If you’ve got 10% or greater disability, VA funding fees are waived. You can have more than one VA loan going, but the aggregate limit is $417,000 or less (current conforming loan limit- which can vary by state or county). The VA loan is unique in its ability to roll up to 3% closing costs into the loan, making things like “$1 down payment” possible.

Daniel asks…

VA streamline refinance home loan question.?

I have looked for info and keep seeing different things. My biggest question is, is there a credit check? I have seen yes, and no. I have seen the other requirements for it. I have had a chapter 13 bankruptcy a year ago, so my credit is bad, but getting better. I have been in my home (va loan) for 8 years, and have never did a refi or anything.

Admin answers:

VA streamlined mortgage refinance would look at your credit report to see if there are things that would disqualify you for the mortgage loan you would apply for. Even though the VA seldom use the credit scores for evaluation they are indeed looked at.

You might still refinance your current mortgage, you would need to contact a VA mortgage lender, explain to them you would want a mortgage only refinance. This type mortgage would cause the lender to place more weight on the mortgage payments you have payed each month in the past two years. You may even have 1 or 2 30 day late payments.

If you have not missed a payment in 2 years you would have more weight the longer you have gone without missing a mortgage payment.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Jenny asks…

for anyone who knows about VA requirements.?

I have pretty much abandoned my hopes and dreams of reenlisting, which I really want to do, for the time being. I will continue at a later date. I do however plan to get married within the next year and I want to buy a home. I am wondering if I qualify for a VA home loan. I have done some research online and I do meet the minimum requirements for a VA home loan but I wonder if there is anything that is going to halt the process. Can anyone help me out with some information?
*I served in the USCG
*I have exactly 184 days of active duty (only 181 required during peace time)
*I was enlisted (literally) right before 9/11 occurred (so I am not sure if this qualifies for “war time”)
because we never declared war on a country.

Admin answers:


Gulf War – Service during period 8/2/1990 to date yet to be determined

If you served on active duty during the Gulf War, you must have:

  • Completed 24 months of continuous active duty or the full period (at least 90 days) for which you were called or ordered to active duty, and been discharged under conditions other than dishonorable, or
  • Completed at least 90 days of active duty and been discharged under the specific authority of 10 USC 1173 (Hardship), or 10 USC 1173 (Early Out), or have been determined to have a compensable service-connected disability, or
  • Been discharged with less than 90 days of service for a service-connected disability. Individuals may also be eligible if they were released from active duty due to an involuntary reduction in force, certain medical conditions, or, in some instances, for the convenience of the Government.

Donna asks…

For VA home loans do the sellers have to pay some closings costs?

Is it is VA requirement that the seller has to pay some of the costs? If so what are they? If you had a guess the percentage what would you guess it would be of the total sales price?


Admin answers:

The sellers do not have to pay your closing costs, however they are permitted to contribute up to 6% if they wish. Just like with any loan however, the seller will have their own closing cost to pay (non-allowables that the veteran cannot pay). These include things like processing fees, loan origination, admin, doc fees, commission, termite inspection, etc. The seller however is not required to pay fees that will exceed 1% of the purchase price. Hope this helps

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Your Questions About Va Home Mortgages

Maria asks…

What are VA home mortgage rates? Are these rates set by the VA or can a mortgage co. charge higher rates.?

My son has apply for a VA home mortgage through lending tree.The mortgage co. is Mortgage Now. The VA website has a interest rate listed at 5.000%, for VA loans, but the interest rate charged by Mortgage Now is 5.875. Can the Mortgage Co. charge a higher interest. The good faith estimate had 5.8, they were told that was just an estimate and that would be the most they would be charged. They are to close soon and the closing settlement charges have the interest rate @5.875. Can they charge a high rate than the VA has on their site.

Admin answers:

Yes, they can. The Veterans Administration does not actually make loans. They act as an insurance company. The money comes from the bank but the loan has an insurance policy in the form of the VA funding fee you pay to obtain the loan. This funding fee covers the insurance for the bank with the VA and insures that in the event of a default by your son, the bank will be able to get most of their money back. This insurance is what makes the loan a VA loan. Without it, the loan is considered a conventional loan and your mortgage company would then obtain the insurance through a private mortgage insurance company (PMI).

Consequently, the rate charged by the institution is at their discretion. However it must be within reason or the VA may not allow them to continue making VA loans. 5.875 is somewhat high right now for a typical VA loan. I would question this with the lender. There may be a reason for this, but without reviewing your file, I have no idea on what that may be.

Michael asks…

Do you know anything about VA home loans?

Seven years ago, a family member bought a condo with a VA home loan. The mortgage company sold the account to Fleet who stopped sending bills or coupons for payments. Essentially, they screwed my family member and after two late payments (it took 18 days to process because there was no payment coupon included) they started foreclosure procedures. Really bad company to do business with. She had no choice but to file bankruptcy. They foreclosed on her in less then two months and the condo sat vacant for over a year and a half. No one helped her and the mortgage company even hung up on me when I called them. Can she qualify for a VA home loan again?

Admin answers:

I am so sorry to hear this kind of thing happening to our veterans that served our country. It is horrible and I am very sad for you. I reviewed the guidelines and according to the VA regulations regarding entitlements for home loans it does not appear that your family member would be able to get another VA home loan. It would be a good idea to contact the Veterans Administration directly and inquire about obtaining another “certificate of eligibility”, especially if there is no outstanding deficit judgment. Hope this helps!
FYI: if veterans have financial problems they can call the VA for help prior to the act of foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Nancy asks…

VA home loans vs. other mortgages?

How is a VA loan different than an FHA loan, in terms of interest rates and how the property is appraised? Do they have the same standards, or is one more lenient than another? Which one would be the best bet for a mortgage? Thanks in advance.

Admin answers:

Rates are always the same and the appraisal is done by either a certified FHA or VA appraiser, but the valuation calculation is done the same way.

If you can get a VA mortgage, get a VA.

VA is better than an FHA b/c you don’t pay PMI with a VA or a down payment.

Robert asks…

Where to get a VA Home loan mortgage for low income but good credit, catch 22, MINNESOTA?

I just got out of the military last year and am looking to buy a home w/ a VA home loan. I’m in college full time and working for the federal gov’t part time. Because I only work part time my income APPEARS to be very low right now temporarily while I am in college. I have a rather high credit score of 724, but here is the cautch 22. I figure in order to get approved I would have to show a higher income such as adding my wife to the mortgage. But she has very bad credit score. So what do I do? I have the good credit score but temporarily not enough income, she would add to the income but lower the credit score. The funny thing is, the homes we are looking at we could afford easily with our eyes closed no problem. We have been paying nearly $1500 a month rent for the past year on time perfectly and I never miss a payment on anything but do lenders ever look at that kind of thing, perfect rent payment history?
Any advice? Any suggested VA mortgage lenders in MINNESOTA?

Admin answers:

It really depends on your wife’s credit score. With FHA if she has over a 620, normally that’s not an issue.

Donald asks…

Reselling a home that was purchased under the VA home loan?

My husband and I recently purchased a house with a VA mortgage. We need to know how long we have to wait until we can put it back on the market. Please anybody who could help let me know.
The main reason I’m asking because I know that they require you live in the house for the first year before you rent it out.

Admin answers:

You can sell your house anytime you want to. VA is just a mortgage financial agency to help veterans buy a home. No strings attached.

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