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Your Questions About Eligible Veteran

Mary asks…

If I am the dependent of a veteran, am I eligible for work study?

I need a job and all this FAFSA, work study, veterans stuff gets confusing

Admin answers:

Only your school will be able to tell you if you qualify for work study. You get it based on being poor, not your dads veteran status. No where on the fafsa does is ask (because it doesn’t matter) about HIS veteran status.

Don’t let it confuse you. Unless YOU are a veteran, it doesn’t matter.

Ken asks…

Where do I find what grants I am eligible for as a Veteran, army spouse of deployed soldier ?

Internet sites, books, lectures anything.

Admin answers:

You can go to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) and – these are two sites created by the federal government to provide transparency and information on grants. Browse through the listings and see if you can find any grant that would support your purposes. Once you find a grant where you can qualify, apply for it at

Even if you buy books on “how to get grants” or list that supposedly has information on grants — all of them are mere rehash of what CFDA has, albeit packaged differently.

Note though that these grants generally support non-profit organizations, intermediary lending institutions, and state and local governments. Most of the federal grants are given to specific target groups with specific requirements (e.g. Minority business owners involved in transportation related contracts emanating from DOT – Grant#20.905 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Short Term Lending Program. Individuals especially for personal purposes are not eligible for federal grants.

Grants are also often given to non profit groups or organizations involved in training or other similar activities (grant 59.043 Women’s Business Ownership Assistance that are given to those who will create women’s business center that will train women entrepreneurs.

And of course, look around here at for information on Military Housing Assistance.

Susan asks…

I am Army Reserves veteran, am I eligible to get a military id?

I was in the Army Reserves, served my time and was discharged after 8 years of service. I was wondering if I am eligible for any benefits and if I can get a military id. I have a PX near me and I would like to be able to shop there. Thanks for any info you have!

Admin answers:

The only benefits you are eligible for is VA venefits. One of the postings mention medical, this is not medical care at a on-base facility, it would be at a VA hospital. There may be specific requirements even so to receive that care. The most used VA benefits would be education. Your best bet is to contact the VA. If you were a resident of a specific state the entire time you served, you may be eligible for benefits there. For example, military veterans during certain timeframes are eligible to go to any state school in Massachusetts, however you must have been a resident there during your service. You cannot just move there to take advantage of the program. Just google for the VA and contact an advisor there.
One thing to note, if you are currently in the IRRRL program, where you are still eligible for call-up (you should know if you are), you do receive some benefits, like being able to stay at base lodging. I have only seen one person ever using these benefits in my career. It was an individual listed on their ID as a 2LT with an indefinite red reserve ID card. They had it for at least ten years (was the ID card that was phased out about 1994), and she did not look like she would be even able to serve if she was called up.

Helen asks…

My mother was married to a veteran from the navy, he died, is she eligible for widows pension?

She can still get from tri care for health health insurance because of him through the military. What is the deal. It is taking forever.

Admin answers:

Unless he was a RETIREE and elected to enroll in SBP then upon his death all payments cease.

Joseph asks…

Is an Army Reserve veteran eligible for an AKO account?

I was enlisted in the Army Reserve and National Guard from 1990-1999. Honorably discharged. Am I eligible for an AKO account?

Admin answers:

Not according to the AKO webpage.

Only Active Duty, national guard, reserve, civilian and retired personelle may register.

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Your Questions About Va Home Loan Certificate

Mandy asks…

Va Home Loan Question?

My Father just received his Certificate of Eligibility for a VA home loan. Does this guarantee him the loan? What are the next steps? Also, his credit is below average, can he use me as a cosignee if I have an above average credit score? We’re hoping to get our first house this year and take advantage of the new home buyers tax credit.

Admin answers:

No, the bank makes the loan. VA makes it possible that you don’t need a down payment (or very little) and possibly the seller can pay closing costs if written as part of the bid. There is also the VA funding fee (which can be financed)- your father will be exempt if he is receiving compensation for a service connected disability.


These FAQ’s should help.

I’m not sure about cosigning, but the loan can be put into both your names.

Sandy asks…

VA Home Loan question?

I have the Certificate of Eligibility from the VA home loan office. My credit score is roughly 670. The only debt I have is on my truck which is like $11k. I will make around $60k this year. The thing is I checked my credit score and I have 20 inquires from when I was car shopping… I would like to know what my chances are for being approved for a $65000 home loan. I dont want to go to to the bank and be declined and have another inquiry on my credit report. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

Admin answers:

John –
You should have no problem, even with the car inquiries. A mortgage inquiry will not hurt your credit score. Ask us for referrals (in the form to the left) to a good mortgage lender and go make the application.

Ruth asks…

Whats type of home loan is easier to get?

We did receive a certificate of eligibility from the VA for a home loan but, as we attempt to maneuver through the process of getting a home loan it seems more & more that no one likes to deal with VA loans.. Should we try to get a loan somewhere else instead of using the VA? We live in Washington state if that helps..

Admin answers:

The typical obstacle with the VA loan is the appraisal/inspection. I know it says that VA does not require an inspection, but the VA appraisal is an inspection too. Some sellers do not want to deal with all the picky stuff that VA/FHA want to make a home qualify, and some of it is a bit picky. It is hard to beat the VA deal, stick it out there and get yourself a great house.

Helen asks…

how does a VA Home loan work?

My husband and I got our certificate in the mail and it says they gave us $36,000 but not sure what they mean by that… can anyone explain? thanks.

Admin answers:

That is the amount of your entitlement. The maximum entitlement for VA loans up to $144,000 is $36,000. It is the amount the VA promises will be paid to the lender if you default on your loan.

Daniel asks…

Anyone know anything about VA home loans?

My husband just got 70% disability from the VA and the paper work said that we qualified for a VA home loan. We are in desperate need of a new home, because ours is falling apart and is a major health hazard. But when we started looking for banks that did VA loans we were shocked at everything we were finding out. Not one of those banks said the same thing about VA loans. We are very confused right now. Then we went to the VA website and did some research but it only listed the basic stuff of the loan. We have already gotten our certificate of eligibility from the VA but we are at a road block about finding a bank to fund it. Some banks told us that we had to have a credit score of at least 620 to get a VA loan and others told us that a VA loan requires that same things as a FHA loan. Please can someone give me some straight answers so that I can get my family in a better and safer home.
To G C, My husband bought this home about 6 years ago because it was a cheap buy and he paid it in cash. it was built in the 1960’s and is only a small 2 bedroom and there is 4 of us. In order to get this house up to code we would have to rip it down and rebuild it from the ground up. My husband only paid $12,000 for the house and land with cash. At the time he was single. But now our family has grown and we need a bigger house and a safer home, one that is not in a dangerous nieghborhood. I am currently attending college full time to make a better life for us so we will have no problem affording a house payment.

Admin answers:

First I would like to thank you husband for his service. You can finance 100% there is a fee but that is rolled into your mortgage, rates are representative of what is out there, and no you do not have to carry PMI insurance. Yes not all banks and or realtors will deal with it, if you fill out the form to the left, we will refer you to a pre-screened VA lender. First you will need your eligibility statement and the usual paperwork as in income for 2 years, credit check etc. (You will have to be in the 620 range or above) You will also need some good faith money (which is returned at closing) and closing costs, if you cannot get the seller to pay, you will also need to pay for 1 years insurance on the property, have an inspection, pest inspection and appraisal done, these costs are yours. No pealing paint, furnace plumbing and electric in working order basically the home is in move in condition. You also have need to meet the income to debt ratio which is no different than any other mortgage.

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Your Questions About Certificate Of Eligibility

John asks…

How long does it take to receive a Certificate of Eligibility for a VA Loan?

I need to move into a house pretty soon. I know how the VA can be and I just need to know whether or not they are going to take forever, i.e. 90 days to get me a certificate of eligibility.

Admin answers:

I’ve seen as fast as a few days to a couple of weeks if there are no eligibility issues.

Mandy asks…

Can I get a VA certificate of eligibility?

My husband and myself are both military. We purchased a home back in 2007; however, we used his certificate of eligibility. We now want to purchase another home, but since we are already using his cert. (cannot be used again if we this house isn’t paid off), can I request my certificate since I also qualify? The thing is that I am the second owner on this property.

Admin answers:

Yes you can. Contact your VA to receive your certificate. Co signer doesn’t matter, his cert is the only one committed. Yours is free. Or alternately, our pre-screened lenders can obtain it for you during the application process.

Steven asks…

Lost Certificate of eligibility for education benefits from the VA?

I’ve lost my certificate of elgibility for my education benefits. Anyone know how to request a copy?? I feel so foolish for losing such an important document but it must have gotten lost in my recent move.

Admin answers:

Not so hard to fix! Go to

and request copies online of what you need. You will have to send them a signed request for certain items, but this is a great way to expedite matters.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About VA Home Foreclosure

Donna asks…

Can a VA home loan be used to buy a home in foreclosure?

I’m in the military and interested in purchasing my first home. However most of the homes in my area are in foreclosure; the ones that are in my price range at least.

I called at one in particular but the realtor said that the bank doesn’t like going with VA b/c the foreclosure wants all the costs to be covered by the buyer.

Other than talking to a realtor (which is what I’m going to do on Monday anyways) can a VA home loan still be used to buy a home in foreclosure?

Couldn’t the closing costs just be included in the the cost of the home itself?

Oh and I’m residing in the state of Florida.

Admin answers:

Yes it can, however the VA may require an escrow of monies to make repairs and most lenders aren’t going there. You might consider purchasing a “short sale” instead. At least you can see the property is most likely being maintained and would you still have some negotiating room with the sellers instead of the lender.

John asks…

If I am winning bid on, ” as is” VA foreclosure and the home inspection reveals problems. Am I obligated ?

Or does the VA let you negotiate the bid amount?

Admin answers:

If you bid at the foreclosure sale, that part of the process is between you and the court. The VA doesn’t have anything to do with it. You’re better off dealing with the VA once they own the property and you are negotiating to buy it from them directly.

Most court let you pay a deposit towards the full bid once you win the auction — maybe 10% of the bid — with the balance due in X number of days. If you only paid the deposit, you could just not pay the rest. You would lose that deposit, but if losing the deposit would result in a significantly lower loss to you, it may be worth it to just take it on the chin and walk away. If you paid in the full bid at the sale, you are probably SOL. As a last resort, you could file a motion with the court to vacate the sale, laying out all the problems with the property, and hope the judge rules in your favor. It’s unlikely you would win, but worth a shot. Good luck.

Thomas asks…

How long does it take to go from a ratified contract through to closing on a foreclosure home? In VA?

Admin answers:

Right now… the banks are flooded with paperwork on these neglected homes. Normally, it might not take more than a 2-3 weeks, but in this climate there really is no telling.

Robert asks…

Who can we talk with in regards to a VA foreclosure vacant home for about 4 years now considered unihabitable?

Admin answers:

Ask the Commissioner of Revenue in the county where the house is located or we can connect you with pre-screened real estate agent.

Laura asks…

Va home loan after foreclosure?

Anyone else been through this? We did not use our VA loan when we purchased. We went through foreclosure. How long after forclosure can we use VA loan?

Admin answers:

Remember its still a loan that you must be approved for it just backed by the FED. Most lenders will require at least 24-36 months before you will be eligible for a VA loan.

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VA Home Loan Requirements

We have a fairly detailed breakdown on VA Home Loan Requirements here. But it’s always good to check more sources.

VA Loan Requirements

Here is a breakdown of each of these requirements: Certificate of Eligibility. This document provides proof of military service and eligibility for a VA home loan. If you do not have a certificate, you can purchase an application from…

Publish Date: 08/23/2010 8:44

You can also read up on the VA’s own website by clicking here.

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