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Military Housing Assistance- the latest news

Today’s update on Military Housing Assistance from all over the web.

House Passes Paulsen Military Survivor Housing Assistance Bill

By _a_Government at 09/29/2010 10:00

Military Survivor Housing Assistance Bill

More Bills on the House Floor This Week – The Blog

H.R. 6058 – Wounded Warrior and Military Survivor Housing Assistance Act of 2010. H. Res. 1326 – Calling on the Government of Japan to immediately address the growing problem of abduction to and retention of United States citizen minor…

Publish Date: 09/27/2010 7:53

VA Home Loan Eligibility- What’s the Latest?

In addition to these news items, you can always refer to our VA Loan Information Page for a concise breakdown of requirements.

The How of Qualifying For a VA Loan – VA Home Loan Rates

The first, and most important, step in securing VA loans is to fill out your eligibility form. This is called the Certificate of Eligibility, and is available at any regional Veterans Administration office. This form will be sent into…

Publish Date: 10/24/2009 0:00

As we see homes becoming more affordable across the nation, more and more qualified military veterans are finding home ownership withing their grasp. And apparently, we’re not alone.

VA Home Loans Are Increasing In Popularity | Mortgage 101 Blog

In order to apply for a VA home loan, the person applying for the loan must first receive a certificate of eligibility from Veterans Affairs. While in the past this was somewhat complicated to obtain, today it is fairly simple.…

Publish Date: 09/21/2010 9:46

Mortgage Definition: VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility | Zillow

This week, mortgage lender Justin McHood explains what you’ll need if you’re a vet, active duty, national guard or reservist in order to obtain a VA-backed loan. Justin includes links to the VA home loan program web site.…

Publish Date: 09/08/2010 17:00

Military Families are finding a wider array of choices available to them for home ownership. However, it is very important to take the time to understand who is and is not an eligible veteran.

Financial News from 20 September 2010 | The Paycheck Chronicles

Determining VA Loan EligibilityVA loan eligibility guidelines are determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. A Certificate of Eligibility shows the amount of entitlement. More…… Buying a home can be pretty confusing, especially if you’re trying to purchase with a VA Home Loan. Military?.com, in partnership with Direct VA Loans from iFreedom Direct®, has a new VA Home Buying video series to help you cut through the clutter and the process. More……

Publish Date: 09/22/2010 7:24

VA Home Buying- The latest news

At MHAF, VA Home Buying is made easier when using our pre-screened real estate agents and lenders. Additionally, eligible veterans will receive a cash gift after close to use in any way they want; to defray closing costs, new paint or carpet, or a weekend getaway for the whole family; anything!

Veterans Administration offers help with home loans, refinancing

A VA home loan can be used for a variety of actions, including buying or building a home; buying a condominium unit; repairing, altering, or improving a residence owned by the veteran and occupied as a home; refinancing an existing home…

Publish Date: 09/20/2010 20:49