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Military Ranks For Each Branch

Military Ranks

Military ranks are an organizational structure used to order and dictate relationships in the armed forces. Military ranks are crucial to the success of the army because of the logistical implications. Could you imagine if the army was egalitarian?

Military Ranks

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Think of the military as a body and each department as an organ. They work together on different tasks to reach their collective goal to keep the body alive. In the Armed Forces, if there was no structure there would be no decision makers to determine what each organ (or department) needs to do. It would be chaotic to say the least.

Therefore, our Military has always had a hierarchical structure to maintain a well ordered and disciplined group. Over time, due to advances in technology and increased specialization, military ranks have become more complex. The United States Military is very powerful and the structure is equally intricate and can be baffling. Below is a list of military ranks for each branch of the military (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Marine Corps) in ascending order.