As we discussed on our home page, our men and women in uniform are being left behind in achieving the American Dream they are defending. The disparity in homeownership percentages between our military families and the rest of us Americans is appalling. Remember, 69% of all Americans own their own home, and yet, only 27.3% of our military families are able to own their own home. As a grateful nation, we can do better! After 9/11, when America was attacked, it was obvious that we were about to be in a very long war against terrorism. The founders of MHAF (Military Housing Assistance Fund) wanted to do something to help military families, especially during wartime. Since we lived close to Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is a city with five major military installations, including the United States Air Force Academy, we went straight to the source. We talked with numerous military families. We asked them one question: “How can American citizens like us help military families like you?” The overwhelming response was, “You can help us to own our own home.” This is how and why we formed Military Housing Assistance Fund. Because military families asked us to help them achieve the American Dream they are defending. Military Housing Assistance Fund opened its doors on September 11, 2004. We have had many phone calls from military families thanking us for starting MHAF, and thanking us for helping them to own their own home. With your help, we expect to help more than 1200 military families to become homeowners this year.