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Our program helps active duty and veteran military members get funds to cover their closing costs during a home purchase.

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As a fund of Virtual Sports Academy, your donations will directly go to benefit MHAF’s mission to help veterans and military families purchase homes.

Testimonial: My Dream Come True

MHAF staff,

I would just like to say thank you and how happy I am that I can finally say I own my own home. I thought this day would never come. I searched Google for companies that help veterans own there own homes and I found MHAF. I went on to the website and at first I was little skeptical but after an MHAF agent called me I knew it was for real. I would like to also thank the lending team at Prime lending for helping me through the loan process. My Realtor, Ms. Matene Richards was top notch and very knowledgeable. I always got a prompt response to any question that I had and I now consider her a friend. Once again thank all of you for your help.

Anthony Jones


Recommended For Vets

We were thrilled to work with this amazing family and get the connected with the agents and loan resources they needed to move their family into a new home. At the end of the process, our team was able to help get their closing costs covered as well.

We were very happy to work with the loan officer and realtors from MHAF!

Sonia and Jesse helped us navigate a fast-paced real estate market in the Bay Area to find our home. They stuck with us after multiple offers and they never quit. Michael, our loan officer, was able to get us the best loan terms possible for our situation.

We will definitely recommend MHAF to all vets we know!

Happy Veteran Family

We are very happy to receive testimonials like these that showcase the families who have used our program in conjunction with VA home loan benefits to get an even more benefits during their home purchase.

We knew our lease was ending soon so we started doing some research for closing cost assistance programs. Through our research we found the Military Housing Assistance Fund. We were so excited to find a program that would help us in addition to the VA home loan benefits. We reached out to the organization and were quickly put in contact with the finance company and real estate agent that we’d be working with throughout the process. Our realtor, Deonn, did a great job of helping us find our perfect home and explaining the home buying process to us. Our home loan officer, Michael, did a great job explaining all of the costs associated with the home loan as well. We have learned a lot during this process and thanks to MHAF, we have a beautiful home that we can call our own! We highly recommend this program to any veteran looking for some assistance with closing costs, the resources alone are extremely helpful.

Andre & Amanda Morton

MHAF is proud to help military families like this with our closing cost gift fund program. It’s the least we can do to give back to the people who have given so much for their country!

Satisfied Family

Satisfaction is our goal with every one of our clients. We work with them to answer all their questions, and through our special network, we make sure they get gift funds to cover closing costs.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to send you all a great Big Thanks! For really all the hard work you did to help one of my dreams come true. Words cannot express the feeling of gratitude to you all. I promise you, you will not be forgotten. Everyone in the MHAF team and network, you all are very much appreciated I know my case was not easy but you did a very good job with “holding my hand” through it all.

The whole experience was at times stressful but it was made easier knowing that when I would call you would be there to answer my questions and clarify things for me. MHAF, you’ve got a Terrific team.

On a day when I just sit and pause for a moment, maybe sitting on my porch, I will think of everyone involved that help home ownership for me happen. I will always be eternally grateful to you all!

On behalf of myself and my family I wish you well in all that you do and may you all experience a lifetime of good health, prosperity, and happiness.

Very Truly Yours,

Kelvin L.


Connecting You With Resources

Not only do we help military service members get access to free gifts funds to cover their closing costs, we also help connect them with the rest of the resources they need in a home purchase. Here is a great testimonial from a happy customer who was satisfied with the process.


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to say thanks to the MHAF organization for the assistance provided for me and my family. Providing a realtor and the mortgage company truly helped us in the home buying process. The realtor was great, being attentive to our needs and being diligent finding houses on the market.Finally, I want to once again thank MHAF and its staff in answering any questions that might arise, giving us a sense of confidence with the process.

The realtor was great, being attentive to our needs and being diligent finding houses on the market.

Finally, I want to once again thank MHAF and its staff in answering any questions that might arise, giving us a sense of confidence with the process.

– Kashawn R.