Courtesy of Ryan Hyde


Summer is meant to be a time for fun and excitement for kids. They’re out of school for a couple months, the pools are open and the possibilities seem endless. It’s important kids get a break from school, but the right combination of physical activity, mental stimulation and diet can keep them from falling behind when classes pick up again in the fall. We’ve aggregated a few resources to keep your kids happy, healthy and occupied during their break.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome for kids during the summer is boredom. Luckily there are plenty of cool, creative, cost effective activities you can do with your kids, most of them in your own home. More importantly, find things for your child to do that keep them mentally fit. Get them to become as familiar with the local library as they are the nearest park.

Children of different age groups obviously crave different activities, specifically teenagers.

Having a diverse list of activities is great, but how are you fueling your kids to have the energy to keep up with everything? There is a variety of healthy snacks that keep kids happy, and the food both you and your children eat can help you stay cool and hydrated.

An environment where children can engage in activities, build personal relationships and learn is crucial to a fun, productive summer. However, don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to fill every hour of every day. Downtime is also important, and having your child explore a hobby or interest on their own allows them to gain experience with independence. And remember to take time for yourself each day, even if it’s just a few minutes enjoying a glass of lemonade or reading a good book.