Your Questions About Certificate Of Eligibility

John asks…

How long does it take to receive a Certificate of Eligibility for a VA Loan?

I need to move into a house pretty soon. I know how the VA can be and I just need to know whether or not they are going to take forever, i.e. 90 days to get me a certificate of eligibility.

Admin answers:

I’ve seen as fast as a few days to a couple of weeks if there are no eligibility issues.

Mandy asks…

Can I get a VA certificate of eligibility?

My husband and myself are both military. We purchased a home back in 2007; however, we used his certificate of eligibility. We now want to purchase another home, but since we are already using his cert. (cannot be used again if we this house isn’t paid off), can I request my certificate since I also qualify? The thing is that I am the second owner on this property.

Admin answers:

Yes you can. Contact your VA to receive your certificate. Co signer doesn’t matter, his cert is the only one committed. Yours is free. Or alternately, our pre-screened lenders can obtain it for you during the application process.

Steven asks…

Lost Certificate of eligibility for education benefits from the VA?

I’ve lost my certificate of elgibility for my education benefits. Anyone know how to request a copy?? I feel so foolish for losing such an important document but it must have gotten lost in my recent move.

Admin answers:

Not so hard to fix! Go to

and request copies online of what you need. You will have to send them a signed request for certain items, but this is a great way to expedite matters.

Good luck!

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