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Florida Military Homebuyer Assistance Program

If you are a veteran or active duty military member in Florida, you have found the perfect military homebuyer assistance program for your home buying needs! At MHAF we are able to offer special gift funds to help you cover your down payment costs.

Unfortunately, our men and women in uniform are being left behind. Recent studies have found that only 27.3% of military families own their own home. In this same study, when asked why, nearly half of the respondents stated that it was because they could not afford to do so.

American servicemen and women, throughout our all-volunteer military, deserve more than our government can afford to pay them. They deserve a piece of the American dream they are defending. With your help, we can enable them to do this through free gift funds to assist them with the purchase of their dream home.

As a nation, we expect much from our military personnel. Should we not consider giving back to them when they are willingly putting their lives on the line for us? Many of these service men and women have started families and would love nothing more than to have a place to call home.

MHAF is designed to help cover the closing costs for Florida military members and veterans when they purchase a home. If you are interested to learn more, head here and complete our contact form.


Less than 3 Months Start to Finish

Buying a home is a major process, and we’re proud to be a team that is not only knowledgeable and helpful, but able to work extremely quickly to get our clients into their new homes. The quicker, the better!

“I started looking for new house in the end of 2017. As a new home buyer, i had so many questions about the home buying process. I came to know about MHAF while searching online for any such program to assist military. MHAF answered all my inquieres and assisted me with great bank and agents who made the home buying process much easier and bought the home within 3 months. Not only the process was quick, i am very satisfied with the interest rate. My MHAF team was great and answered all my questions even in weekends. A lot of thanks to them.

Overall MHAF gave me confidence about the home buying process and made it much easier. It’s great program for any military personnel to buy the house.”

– S.


We Helped This Military Family Get into Their Forever Home

The end of your time in service is one of the most stressful periods for a military family. The transition into civilian life comes with a special set of challenges to overcome. Finding a home during this time is especially stressful. Luckily, our program was able to connect this family with the agents, financing, and specialists they needed to make their transition an easy experience. We love helping families like this, and it’s always a pleasure to help them get their closing costs covered by our gift funds at the end of the process.

“Transitioning out of the military world and into the civilian world is always a challenge. Packing up one last and final time in April 2017, as a military family; we were now on our journey to find a home of our own, plant some roots and unpack one last time in our forever home; which with 3 little kids, and looking at school systems as well as proximity to work and family, it isn’t that easy. Luckily, we found Military Housing Assistance Fund who made home buying that much less stressful and challenging. It was wonderful to have everyone working together. Everyone was always on the same page and always willing to answer any and all questions we may have had as first time home buyers. We most definitely recommend military housing assistance fund to anyone. Thank you for everything that you all do to help ensure that the home buying process for its military members isn’t as scary as it seems to be.”

-The Woitowicz Family.


“I ended not paying a single dime for closing costs”

Our program helps military service members and veterans get free gift funds to cover their closing costs when purchasing a home. Here is a testimonial from another happy MHAF family:

“I’m glad I stumbled across USMHAF. was dead set on getting my loan through USAA until I researched MHAF. I started the process with an MHAF team member explaining to me what the program was about. It was very difficult to find a home in our area, especially as a first time home buyer.

Our loan officer, is a military veteran and truly understood what servicemen had to go through and explained everything to me very well. He went above and beyond, probably spent more time than he should making sure I understood and to take advantage of my VA benefits.

My realtor, Claudia was wonderful and very patient. She was honest, and really helped us communicate to the seller.

I ended not paying a single dime for closing costs, without increasing my interest rate. I actually received reimbursements. Pretty amazing!

I recommend MHAF to veterans who qualify. Give this program a try!”


“We happily recommend others to trust in the program”

We were happy to help this family who met in basic training to get into a new home! Here is a testimonial from another happy MHAF family:

“We met in 2012, in Basic Training. Ended up being stationed together in Vilseck, Germany, deploying together to Kandahar, Afghanistan, back to Germany, and then going out separate ways to Fort Belvoir, VA and West Point, NY. Never could we have imagined being where we are today. Getting out of the Army and moving once again was stressful. We’ve packed up and moved so many times!!! When we first moved back to my home in Chicago we knew we wanted to settle down and have a house of our own to lay our roots and call home. We thought we’d be ready in a year to do it, but thanks to MHA we accomplished it within 3 months. They made the process easier for our family by connecting us with agents that were there to help and support us. There were so many nights in which we could not understand certain documents but luckily our questions were heard and responded immediately by one of the many people helping us. This program was well recommended to us by friends who used it before us, and now we happily recommend others to trust in the program, the guidance and tell you that it is all well worth it.”

-The Smith Family