Service to our country as a U.S. Military man or woman is the ultimate sacrifice. That’s why USMHAF takes your home ownership so seriously–and it is why we offer services that help you get 100% Free Gift Funds for closing costs.

People often ask us, on Facebook and via email, if USMHAF helps with financial planning, life insurance, and other services related to finances. While we help with Real Estate and VA Loans, we are not a financial planning company. Nevertheless, we want to make sure ALL soldiers have the opportunity to get the help they need.

USMHAF is a leading blogger on the issues facing the military community and its families, and is well aware of the uncertainties our active and veteran service members are feeling at this time ­ particularly from the threat of downsizing. While USMHAF may not be able to service your job and financial needs, there is a wonderful association run by military men and women for soldiers and veterans. If you’re looking for services that we don’t provide, check out AAFMAA and get the facts.


We sync’d up with AAFMAA’s marketing coordinator to get the scoop on AFMAA at a high level, here’s what she had to say:

“AAFMAA has continuously provided members low-cost life insurance and superlative survivor assistance, including expedited death benefit payments, securing all Government benefits available, preparing government and insurance claims for the bereaved families of our members. Supporting the military family doesn’t end at the death of the military member, AAFMAA continues to support the deceased member’s spouse and minor children by informing them of all new or untapped Government benefits. ” -Kara Carlson, AAFMAA

While USMHAF isn’t affiliated with AAFMAA, we encourage you to take a moment and check this wonderful association out for the range of services they provide.

Whatever you’re looking for, closing cost assistance (with USMHAF) or financial services that extend outside our services (with someone like AAFMAA), make sure you choose to work with people who put your family and interests first.