Our program helps military service members and veterans get free gift funds to cover their closing costs when purchasing a home. Here is a testimonial from another happy MHAF family:

“I’m glad I stumbled across USMHAF. was dead set on getting my loan through USAA until I researched MHAF. I started the process with an MHAF team member explaining to me what the program was about. It was very difficult to find a home in our area, especially as a first time home buyer.

Our loan officer, is a military veteran and truly understood what servicemen had to go through and explained everything to me very well. He went above and beyond, probably spent more time than he should making sure I understood and to take advantage of my VA benefits.

My realtor, Claudia was wonderful and very patient. She was honest, and really helped us communicate to the seller.

I ended not paying a single dime for closing costs, without increasing my interest rate. I actually received reimbursements. Pretty amazing!

I recommend MHAF to veterans who qualify. Give this program a try!”