The end of your time in service is one of the most stressful periods for a military family. The transition into civilian life comes with a special set of challenges to overcome. Finding a home during this time is especially stressful. Luckily, our program was able to connect this family with the agents, financing, and specialists they needed to make their transition an easy experience. We love helping families like this, and it’s always a pleasure to help them get their closing costs covered by our gift funds at the end of the process.

“Transitioning out of the military world and into the civilian world is always a challenge. Packing up one last and final time in April 2017, as a military family; we were now on our journey to find a home of our own, plant some roots and unpack one last time in our forever home; which with 3 little kids, and looking at school systems as well as proximity to work and family, it isn’t that easy. Luckily, we found Military Housing Assistance Fund who made home buying that much less stressful and challenging. It was wonderful to have everyone working together. Everyone was always on the same page and always willing to answer any and all questions we may have had as first time home buyers. We most definitely recommend military housing assistance fund to anyone. Thank you for everything that you all do to help ensure that the home buying process for its military members isn’t as scary as it seems to be.”

-The Woitowicz Family.