We put together this Military Housing Infographic to take a look at some of the basic information, benefits, and interesting facts about the current military housing situation in the United States. Help for military home buyers and closing cost grants are available for qualified military.

Military Housing Infographic by USMHAF

Military Housing in America

Nearly half of military families state that they could not afford to purchase a home, but thanks to the United States VA Loan programs and closing cost grants for military members and veterans, we can change that. The infographic (above) simply takes a look at the VA loans program, military housing, and interesting statistics that you may not know. We hope you enjoy it, and share it with friends and family members who stand to benefit from USMHAF. This is why we exist: to help you.

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We recognize that our nation expects a lot from our military personnel, but we aim to give back to those men and women that protect our country and liberties. Whether you choose to interact with us on Twitter, read over the Military Housing Infographic (above), or browse our blog, we thank you for your service and hope to see you get in contact with us about applying for gift funds to assist your closing costs.

infographic designed byArrae Creative