We were able to work with the Turner family to help them find their dream home, and as always, during the process our program was able to help assist with closing costs.

I want to send a heart felt thank you. Words cannot describe how ecstatic we are to finally be in a home. All thanks to you and your guidance. We really do appreciate all the work you do, especially during these different times.

We have finally renovated the upstairs of our newly acquired home(It was carpet and now it’s hardwood floors). Slowly but surely, this home is becoming our dream home.

Anyway, back to my sincere thank you. Words escape me on how much I appreciate your help in acquiring this home. I can not grasp the words to describe the feelings I wish to convey. 

From all of my heart. I pray for great success to you all. May good health and prosperity be with you always. 


Turner Family