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The Ortega Family

Here’s another wonderful testimonial from the Ortega family on their experience with USMHAF and our affiliates!


I’m an Army Infantry Veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once I got out of the army, I started school so I could pursue my dream of becoming a physical therapist. Along the way, I met my wife, and we got married 4 months ago. We used to talk about owning a home of our own someday, but the goal seemed out of sight as I still have 3 years of school left. Whenever we would look at houses, we quickly became overwhelmed by how much we’d have to spend on closing costs alone.

Testimonial: My Dream Come True

MHAF staff,

I would just like to say thank you and how happy I am that I can finally say I own my own home. I thought this day would never come. I searched Google for companies that help veterans own there own homes and I found MHAF. I went on to the website and at first I was little skeptical but after an MHAF agent called me I knew it was for real. I would like to also thank the lending team at Prime lending for helping me through the loan process. My Realtor, Ms. Matene Richards was top notch and very knowledgeable. I always got a prompt response to any question that I had and I now consider her a friend. Once again thank all of you for your help.

Anthony Jones


Adam and Michele

Dear MHAF,

We would like to thank you all for making home ownership possible for my wife and I. I served in the U.S. Army for 9 years and spent 16 months in Iraq where I was injured in combat from a mortar attack where I received shrapnel to my head and body. I spent years in and out of the VA hospital trying to recover from these injuries. Most of my life was spent on the road traveling and moving from place to place because of the military.

United States Military Housing Assistance

Finally with the help of MHAF my wife and I have been able to “set roots” in one place. We were able to purchase and build our first home that we now enjoy so dearly. Having a place to call home certainly helps with recovery. Thank you MHAF for making this dream a reality.

Adam and Michele

Thank You For All Your Help


Thank you for all your help and the agents you provide. Our Realator was phenomenal and our lender was such a fantastic help to us. I would truly recommend the MHAF to all my military friends. Your team made my house buying experience such am ease and enjoyment!
The Burkett Family

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